Dom Pérignon – Rosé


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Dom Pérignon is a celebrated Champagne brand owned by Moët & Chandon. Its origins can be traced back to the Abbey of Saint Pierre d’Hautvillers in northern France – the so-called birthplace of Champagne.

The grape’s ripeness radiates with an opulence that is full, yet never heavy. A spectacular vintage. The rich aroma reveals notes of oriental tobacco, honey, licorice and fig as well as hints of caramel-coffee and chocolate.

“Beautiful rose and gold color, nice delicate bread, rose and caramel to the nose, much more open and tasty on the palate with gorgeous bread flavors, rose supplements, white chocolate, vitamins, minerals. Oustanding class, an excellent breed and richness. ” John Kapon, April 2008 (Catalogue Vente aux Enchères de la Cave de Robert Rosania, New York, 25 April 2008)

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