About Us

Cebooze is an alcohol delivery service that brings the party to the comforts of your home. Founded in July 2019, Cebooze, a proudly Cebuano-owned liquor delivery business, has a wide variety of liquor, including local brands, and some cocktails procured from our partnership with Cebu’s hottest bar, Trademark Cebu.

The company is the brainchild of our founders, Anton Olan, Cary Michael Cabral and Veronica Chiongbian, long-time buddies who are their social circles’ go-to people to keep the party alive until the morning. They each banked on their personal strengths in order to put up what would be Cebooze today. 

Our mission is to provide fast, consistent and reliable liquor delivery service to our customers in Cebu while ensuring their safety and convenience. Our goal is to eventually provide 24/7 service, nationwide delivery with a wide menu of the best alcoholic beverages, and empower a big community to celebrate life. We aim to provide every Filipino with the opportunity to inspire moments of happiness and celebration with a click of a button. 

Our team comprises of avid drinkers who go out to drink with friends at bars and parties every weekend, and we plan to continuously bring the fun to you by expanding our menu, hosting fun (virtual) events, and adding crazy alcoholic products.

We look forward to serving you soon. If you need booze, liquor or however you want to call it, just drop us a message!