Cebooze: Liquor delivery in Cebu

Cebooze: Liquor delivery in Cebu

Because of pandemic restrictions, it’s become such a chore to head out into the city of Cebu just to buy liquor, beer or wine. There are countless protocols you have to follow, and not to mention the long lines we have to endure at groceries or convenience stores. Social distancing who? So why not order online and have your liquor delivered straight to you instead?

Cebooze is a liquor delivery service in Cebu that brings your favourite boozy drinks to your door with just a click of a button. Leaving the comforts of your own home is unnecessary these days. No driving, no waiting in line, and best of all—no drunk driving. We’ll do all that (plus the driving minus the drunk 😛) for your utmost convenience and safety.

And tell us, what’s worse than running out of alcohol when in a drinking session with a few friends and/or family? Arguing over who gets to go out and buy more is a thing of the past. All you have to do is head over to our online shop and have your beer, wine, liquor—or if you’re feeling extra, all of the above—delivered to your home. It’s also much safer for everyone involved. The last thing we need is someone going behind the wheel whilst intoxicated.

No need to leave the party. Just have your liquor delivered instead.

Cebooze isn’t just your average liquor delivery business. We have so many activities and deals in-store for you! And most of all, we care about you, our customers. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and to look after all their drinking buddies. No friend or family gets left behind drunk and bothered. Need a community that’s got your back? Join our Facebook group. Need a platform to see the latest promos and discounts? Join our Viber community.

If you need a good bottle of whisky, wine bottles for your parties or as company gifts, or simply a case of beer for a chill tagay sesh, we’re here for you! We deliver liquor anywhere in Cebu. Drop us a message or head straight to the website!

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